Our Story

Tamara and Tarryn, the dynamic aunt and niece duo, founded Hello Me with a mission to help others transform their lives through the power of affirmations. The idea for Hello Me was born from their personal experiences with the transformative power of positive affirmations.

 Tamara learned the transformative power of affirmations after she began wearing a pair of "LOVE" earrings and repeating daily affirmations to herself in the mirror. Despite the challenges she faced, she persisted in her affirmations and soon discovered that the love she sought was not only within herself but also manifested in the form of a loving partner.

Tarryn, on the other hand, turned to affirmations as a source of comfort and strength during her husband's difficult journey with chemotherapy. Through repeated affirmations of "I choose happiness," she found the resilience to overcome her trauma and reclaim joy in her life.

With their own powerful experiences as proof, Tamara and Tarryn founded Hello Me with the hope of spreading positivity and transformative change to as many lives as possible. Their vision is to create a world where individuals can tap into the unlimited power of affirmations to manifest their dreams, overcome obstacles, and live the life they truly desire. Through their platform, they offer a range of affirmations, resources, and tools to help individuals harness the power of positive affirmations and transform their lives for the better.